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Chino AH4712-EOA-NNN, 12 Point Recorder : GHT 2474


The AH4712-EOA is a hybrid analogue/digital temperature recorder with an LCD screen displaying the twelve channel‚ temperature values either one channel at a time, or multiple channels at the same time with the option for digital display and simultaneous bar graph display.

The recorder has the facility of printing to the paper chart and saving the data to SD card (sold separately) which can then be displayed on a PC using Report Maker software (sold separately) or the measurement data can be saved as a CSV file and displayed in an Excel worksheet. The recorder can also be connected to a network and monitored using the supplied software or from a web browser.


For recording pre and post weld heat treatment processes up to 1200C. The recorder is housed within a resilient powder coated, mild steel* case enabling it to withstand normal site conditions in all regions of the world.


  • Twelve type K thermocouple sockets fitted to the rear of the unit
  • Chart speeds 1 to 1500mm /hour in 1mm Increments
  • Chart and scale illumination allowing the operator to view the chart detail in low light conditions
  • One EH05035 (0-1200C) chart paper supplied as standard
  • SD Card (supplied separately GHT 2514) to export data to PC via report maker software (supplied separately GHT 2482)
  • Ethernet connection for Web Viewer and E-mail Alarm notifications (via supplied software - KIDS)
  • 4 Alarm Types (no relay output)
  • Ergonomic folding handle fitted to each side of the case

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