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Meshed Superwool Plus Insulation Mat 300mm x 600mm, 25mm thick, density 96kg/m3


Superwool Plus meshed insulation mats provide improved handling strength and enhanced thermal properties, in addition to which large nuisance dust particles have been effectively eliminated making the product less irritating during use. Globe‚ range of meshed insulation mats exhibit outstanding insulating properties at elevated temperatures and have excellent thermal stability whilst retaining their original soft fibrous structure and strength up to its maximum continuous use temperature. 

To strengthen and protect the Superwool Plus insulation, the blanket is protected by a stainless-steel mesh covering forming a strong an resilient insulation mat. 


Used to thermally insulate ceramic pad heating elements during pre and post weld heat treatment processes up to 1000C or 1100C short term, on small diameter pipes to minimise thermal losses and to eliminate large temperature differentials away from the heated zone. The insulation mats also provide protection for welders during preheating processes during welding operations.


  • Exceptional thermal insulating performance.
  • Free of binder or lubricant. 
  • Immune to thermal shock. 
  • Low heat storage 
  • Good resistance to tearing. 
  • Flexible and resilient. 
  • Reduced irritation during use. 
  • High strength before and after heating.

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