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Globe Heat Treatment are a globally recognised manufacturer of high quality heat treatment equipment and high velocity gas equipment. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who design and manufacture our equipment with a broad knowledge of the industry and its requirements. We manufacture all our products in the UK and export our products to all parts of the world 

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Introducing the 50kVA 6 Way Mobile Transformer in Stainless Steel with Integrated HeatManagerConnect, 4" Touchscreen and Chino KR2000, 6 Channel Paperless Recorder... Globe's latest 50Kva Heat Treatment Machine.  >Read More


Heat Treatment Equipment

High Velocity Gas Equipment

We can hire these items as part of a set or individually if required (and we have suitable stock levels).

Please contact us with details of the items you wish to hire and length of hire period and we will provide you with a quotation. Get in touch.

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