In- House Furnace Facility

We have an in-house furnace measuring 2.2m x 2.2m x 1.5m which can hold fabrications weighing up to two tonnes.  We perform the heat treatment process in this furnace and in most cases can carry out the procedure during one day and have the fabrications ready for collection the following day. Full paperwork including a plotted graph showing the heat treatment cycle would be provided.  

Should you require a quotation for use of the in house furnace for your fabrications to be heat treated please contact us with the full specification for your job requirements, including the size of the fabrication, heating rate, hold temperature, time in soak and cooling rate. 

For fabrications not suitable for the furnace we can perform local heat treatment in house, again contact us with full details for a quote on this procedure.

To make a furnace booking please call us on 0151 548 5281 or contactus us with your requirements and chosen date.


As with most machinery, problems seem to arise when you least want them to, which can cause your process to stall and ultimately cost your business time and money. Here at Globe Heat Treatment we have a broad knowledge of heat treatment equipment and can repair the vast majority of products from  transformers to recorders, programmers and thermocouple attachment units. We stock many parts which enables us, in most cases, to offer a speedy turnaround on any repairs sent to us.

Please contact us with full details of your product and the issues you are encountering and we will do our best to endeavour to help you get it back up and running again.


In order to keep your heat treatment equipment running effectively it is recommended that static equipment is calibrated on an annual basis and site equipment should be calibrated regularly, especially when moved from site to site, as the delicate instrumentation can fall out of calibration during transit from one site to the next.

We offer an in house calibration service here at Globe Heat Treatment so if you send your instruments to us we can calibrate them and return them back to you with a certificate showing the calibration date and master calibration machine used.

Alternatively we do offer a product, the Microcal 1  calibration unit which you can purchase from us (Product Code: GHT 2200) which will enable you to perform your own calibration for any instruments you have.


Heat Treatment Equipment

High Velocity Gas Equipment

We can hire these items as part of a set of individually if required (and we have suitable stock levels).

Please contact us with details of the items you wish to hire and length of hire period and we will provide you with a quotation. Get in touch.